Poor J Brown

Music rooted from the front porch soul of East Texas to the back porch roots music of the Texas Hill Country. From Southern Louisiana to the blues of New York and Chicago, all of these influences come together to create a sound that is strikingly original yet familiar. Leon Waddy plays the keys and writes the songs. Myles Smith adds vocals with soul. Mike Hernandez spices up the beats while Clete Ritta adds the diverse sounds he gets from the pedal steel, mandolin, or a screaming lead guitar. Tim Germadnik keeps a deep rhythm going on bass and anything left uncovered is filled with the reeds from Matt Morgan’s accordion.

Poor J. Brown is not just Americana music. It’s American music. The debut CD “Hill Country Soul” has blues, funk, country, soul, rap and reggae influences all blended in different combinations throughout the compilation. You’ll hear the influences but even more than that you’ll hear what happens when great songwriting comes together with great musicianship. Poor J. Brown is all about these combinations. Great guys and great music…the end result being one hell of a great time.