About Americana Live

About Americana Live!


What is Americana Music?


When in Rome, do as the Romans, and when in Texas, do as the Texans. Live music is a way of life in Texas, and Americana is a genre unto itself. If you are bringing an event to San Antonio, Austin, Houston, or Dallas/Ft. Worth, treat your attendees to an evening of music they will not soon forget. Unlike “Nashville Country”, Americana music is performed by Texas “Troubadours” who pen and perform their own songs – in addition to many well -recognized cover tunes. Americana artists are amazing lyricists who engage the audience by telling the stories behind their music to offer the audience a truly unique musical experience.

In Texas, DJs and cover bands are ‘taboo’ – so don’t sell your event short by missing an opportunity to offer a genuine Texas experience.

Whether you need a soloist singer/songwriter to entertain for a small cocktail reception, a duo/trio to liven up a larger gathering, or a full Americana band for an offsite event – Americana Live! will help you identify the best fit for your event.

Give me a call and let me tell you how!

Check out just a couple of artists available for your event – more to come!